XC Entry Information
- Select your team name from the drop down list.
- Enter your assigned password.
- If your team name does not appear on the list - OR-
- Your password is not working -OR-
- You would like to change your password
    contact Bob Prince at 712-274-8838

**Please use the Update Contact Info to enter contact info***
**This provides a way to contact you for questions and to send results.**

Athlete Lists:
Athletes are listed by gender on the Athlete List page.
To add a new Athlete simply select the Add button from the correct Gender Column.
To Edit or Delete and Athlete simply click on the athlete's name.
Update the Information an Press the Save button, or Delete the Athlete using the Delete Button
You may use the Cancel button to cancel changes

Athlete Information:
Required information is Lastname, Firstname, Grade Level and Active Status.
(Grades for HS are 09-12 - MS is for Middle School)
We will use the Active status to determine what athletes will be assigned a race number.
If in doubt - please mark them as active - it is better to have an extra number than to
deal with adds at the event.

Varsity Flag explained:
The Varsity status will generally not be used until the end of the season where you must indicate your top runners.
In general we determine this by what race an Athlete starts and finishes.
Actual declaration or other requirements are up to School hosting the event.
For example we use this when JV and Varsity are planned to run in the same race.
Marking your Varisty runners allows us to seperate results by Varsity and JV.
If declaration is requested please use the Varsity flag.
Feel free to use the Varsity flag and keep it up to date through the season.

The seed times are not required but available to you to enter the best time for an Athlete.

You can print this web page and use it for other meets as required.
If you host a meet and would like to use this system please contact Bob Prince.
We can also provide team lists in Hytek or Excel format.